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Your technological equipment in professional hands.

LMW AV GmbH was founded in 1987 by Peter Langhans. As a technical contact of renowned hotels, he was among the first people in Germany to recognize the obvious. When you have daily deliveries and collections and have to look after the technical equipment he saw the advantage in taking a further step in the cooperation: establish technicians at the site with basic equipment, look after the daily events at the site and operate the equipment that is stored at the site. This was the cornerstone for the in-house service activity:

Put the technical department in professional hands but don’t outsource it completely.

A proof in real life

As permanent team in hotels, our in-house teams have accompanied our hotel partners for 28 years with great success. They function as reliable contacts at the site, they support, counsel and implement the equipment. Our competent expert staff which will be available to you around the clock will contribute to guarantee smooth processes.